Booking a session

1.  Who can book a session?

All Chalmers graduate and undergraduate students on both Johanneberg and Lindholmen campuses are welcome to book sessions through our booking system using their CID and passwords.

2.  How do I book a session?

To book tutoring sessions, please go to our booking system and click on ”Book a session” to the left. Then choose to continue and log in by entering your CID and password. You can choose if you want to book a session as an individual or a group. After logging in you can choose among different tutors. This can be useful when you have already worked with a specific tutor and you want to continue your work with her/him in multiple sessions. Otherwise you can choose the default ‘Doesn’t matter’ to give you the first available slot regardless of who tutors you. Please make sure that you have given a short description of what you want to do in that specific session. When you have booked a session an email will be sent to your Chalmers e-mail address to confirm your reservation.

3.  Can I ask for a particular tutor?

Yes. While you are booking your session you have the option to choose whomever you like to work with. But all tutors are trained to help you with your communication issues. For more detailed information about our tutors please check our tutor page

4.  What should I do if there are no sessions available?

You are always welcome to the studio even if you don’t find any slots available. Then you can check if there have been any late cancellations. If so you can book the tutor right there and then and have your session. You can also leave a message on Chalmers Writing Centre’s Facebook page and see if any tutor is able to help you.

5.  What if I need to reschedule or cancel an appointment?

You can simply cancel your session by just going to the same page that you used for booking the session and then log on, select the session you want to cancel and click on ”cancel selected”.

6.  How far in advance do I need to cancel my appointment?

Although you can cancel your appointment at latest 20 minutes before your session starts, please try to cancel your appointment earlier in advance so that other students have the opportunity to book that session if necessary.

7.  What happens if I’m late for my booked tutoring session?

At 15 minutes after the time that your session was supposed to start, your appointment will be cancelled and the tutor you have booked will be rescheduled.

8.  What normally happens during a tutoring session?

A typical tutoring session takes at most 45 minutes. Since you have already given a short description of what you want to do during the session, it would involve different conversations between you and your tutor on your main communication issues in that particular text/presentation. It can be about discussing your issues at different stages of preparation such as how to start thinking about one special subject, how to organize/sort your thoughts actively, how to write down your ideas as a very first draft, reading through your text or presentation material with you and see how you can improve your draft, trying to strengthen your written text or prepared presentation if needed and answering your questions. To sum up, your session would involve all necessary discussions that might be useful to help you improve your skills as a writer/presenter and strengthen your assignments.

9.  What kinds of texts can I bring to the Writing Centre?

You are welcome to bring any sort of writing/text such as your written assignments, technical and scientific writing, lab reports and bachelor/master theses, etc. that you might feel you need help with. It can be problems like structuring or adapting their content to your assignment requirements or your readers’ level of knowledge. You can also ask for help with grammar, punctuation and mechanics. For longer versions of projects such as your thesis work you can book multiple sessions with your tutor so that you can concentrate on a specific part each session.

10.  What kinds of presentation material can I bring to the Writing Centre?

You are always welcome to bring your questions regarding your oral presentation issues. You can bring a draft of what you want to present and ask for help with choosing an appropriate topic, sorting/structuring your ideas, checking if the content of your presentation meets your assignment requirements and adapting your presentation material to different types of audience. You can almost bring any sort of presentation that you might feel you need some help with it.