1.  How often can you use our service?

For the moment there is no limitation on the number of sessions you can book as a student. But please make sure to cancel your appointments in advance if you are not able to show up, so that other students can have the opportunity to book.

2.  Why don’t we edit/proofread your texts?

Our mission as tutors is more to help you improve your own writing, become better writers and feel more comfortable while writing/reading English texts. We think it is only possible through helping you to learn how to solve your writing issues on your own rather than solving them for you by correcting or editing your texts. So, we help you proofread some parts of your text and then you can continue on your own. Perhaps you’ll want to come back with a new set of specific questions.

3.  Will my instructor be informed about me using the Writing Centre?

The studio is not responsible for informing your instructor every time you book a session. However the studio can search for your name if your instructor is interested in knowing whether you used the studio or not (e.g. the case of take-home exams). So, please make sure you have asked for your instructor’s permission before bringing your take-home exams to the studio.

4.  Do we help you with your take-home exams?

Some instructors specify whether it’s ok to bring your take-home exam to the Writing Centre or not. Since we register the students who come to the studio in our data base, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have asked your instructor’s permission before bringing your exam.

5.  If errors are found after being tutored?

Since our sessions are not long enough to go through all details and although we always try our best to help you with your writing or presentations, there is always the possibility that a tutor makes a mistake in punctuation, mechanics or grammar or suggests structural revisions that is not optimal. There might also be instances when your instructors simply do not agree with the tutor’s comments. We apologize for any errors in advance but still emphasize that the text is yours and you should consider your tutored texts as drafts rather than perfect ready to publish papers.

6.  How many pages can be covered during a session?

The answer varies greatly, depending on what kind of issues they are and how complex the ideas being expressed are. It can be anything from one page to several pages. If you have a longer text or might have more questions to discuss, please feel free to book two sessions per meeting. It is also more effective if you can identify areas that you want to focus on, rather than starting from the beginning of the text and going from paragraph to paragraph.