Written Opposition

Opposition of a degree project tends to be an oral review of the whole report with a focus on the content, and it usually occurs after the presentation of the project. Content should be discussed, questions asked and clarification sought. Objective and constructive critique is expected where both positive and negative views are lifted. It is of course important not to get stuck on any unnecessary details.

Sometimes a written opposition is also expected. The written version tends to be an individual task and must review the strengths and weaknesses of the project and report while highlighting and discussing relevant content. Focus areas of the written version can be:

  • aim, delimitations
  • method, connections to theory
  • result and analysis (discussion)
  • technical delivery (prototype, solution, etc.)
  • structure and logic (relation between the report’s parts)
  • general impression

Therefore, your text can deal with:

  • the report’s setup and structure
  • the problem definition
  • method/implementation
  • delimitation
  • theory
  • analysis
  • result and implementation result
  • framing and other text requirements

When preparing, ask yourselves some of the following questions to help you select relevant information:

  • Are the aims and goals clear?
  • Is any clarification required in regards to method and analysis?
  • Are any results dubious and therefore require further support?
  • Are the conclusions understandable based on the limited understanding you had from the beginning?
  • Can any flaws you may find lead into an interesting discussion rather than focus on the negative?

Always show respect for the work and its authors!

Always check the instructions in the guidelines on the main bachelors’ information page.

And as with any written text, keep in mind who your purpose and audience. For general writing tips, go to writing a text and for more specific report related sections, see thesis and report writing