Writing a text

By this stage, you should have thought about what your purpose is and who your reader will be, as well as starting to carry out research and selecting material to work with.  Now you’re ready to start writing!

In fact, you may have already begun.  It’s natural to begin composing text while researching, as the sources you read will no doubt inspire your thoughts.  When writing, you should focus on obtaining as much content as possible.  Once that first version is created, then a process of improvement is set in motion.

Improving your writing involves working on many levels simultaneously. One level involves the skilful use of language: you need a wide range of vocabulary so you can be specific with what you mean, and to communicate that well requires a high level of grammatical proficiency.

Equally important, on another level, is the ability to structure information strategically and effectively so that the reader can follow the text effortlessly. The structuring of information is a comprehensive procedure, which includes organising and unifying everything (coherence and cohesion), from words, phrases, clauses and sentences to paragraphs and document sections.  These are the aspects that will be explored in this part of the writing guide.