The appendices are included to supply detailed support and increased credibility. Appendices  are where materials required to complete the documentation of the thesis are placed, including material not appropriate for inclusion into the main section of the thesis. Appendices should be adapted to the format of the report.


Examples of materials that can be placed into appendices include:

  • laboratory instructions
  • spectra and diagrams
  • excerpts of program codes
  • transcripts of interviews
  • bulky data
  • risk analyses
  • extensive specifications of requirements
  • If you have more than one appendix, use letters to label them i.e. Appendix A, Appendix B
  • Give each appendix an appropriate title
  • Place one specific kind of information in each appendix
  • Begin each appendix on a new page
  • Have a short paragraph at the beginning of each appendix to make it clear what the information is about
  • Refer to each appendix at the appropriate place in the main body of the thesis

  • Don’t forget to refer to the appendix in the main body of the report
  • Be selective in the choice of material placed in the appendix – if you discuss it at length in the report, put it in the report itself. Your reader shouldn’t have to move back and forth too much in your document.