Who is your reader?

Who do you think will read your text? 

a) your supervisor?

b) other students on your program?

c) the general public?

The answer could potentially be all three but will most likely be a) and b).

Who should you aim your thesis at?

A useful audience to think about is other students on your program i.e. you should explain your content enough so that someone on your program can follow it.

Why might they read your thesis?

They might be acting as opponents. Or they might be students in following years who will build on your ideas or use your thesis as a model for their writing.

What does that mean?

Ask the following questions about your content:

  • which terms / words will be familiar /unfamiliar to my reader
  • which methods do I need to explain
  • is the significance of my work clear to my reader i.e. is it clear what you have contributed to the field?